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Welcome to the new early and late foot passenger ferry service between Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) and Lymington which ran as a pilot service in the Summer of 2016.

Our final scheduled sailing is Friday 12th August 2016 in the evening.


Our Morning Star service was designed to let you catch the early train to London from Yarmouth, or use the Evening Star if you're on the last train home. Our Friday night service also let you enjoy an evening out, without worrying that you've missed the last Wightlink ferry home.

 MONDAY MORNING STAR:  Yarmouth to Lymington  £20
 depart  YARMOUTH HARBOUR  05:20
 arrive  LYMINGTON HM PONTOON  05:50
 arrive  LYMINGTON TOWN QUAY  06:00
 MONDAY MORNING STAR:  Lymington to Yarmouth      £5      
 depart  LYMINGTON TOWN QUAY  06:10
 depart  LYMINGTON HM PONTOON  06:20
 arrive  YARMOUTH HARBOUR  06:50
 Note: Bank Holiday Monday sailings will be re-scheduled to Tuesdays

 FRIDAY EVENING STAR:  Yarmouth to Lymington  £10
 depart  YARMOUTH HARBOUR  21:50
 arrive  LYMINGTON HM PONTOON  22:20
 arrive  LYMINGTON TOWN QUAY  22:30
 FRIDAY EVENING STAR:  Lymington to Yarmouth  £20
 depart  LYMINGTON TOWN QUAY  22:40
 depart  LYMINGTON HM PONTOON  22:50
 arrive  YARMOUTH HARBOUR  23:20

See BOARDING for how to find us and more information about facilities at Yarmouth and Lymington. Payment was by CASH or CARD when you board.

To guarantee your crossing we recommended using the BOOKING form; or you could book by phone.

Our regular passengers could SIGN-UP to create a LOGIN so booking was faster.

Feeling lucky? you could just turn up at the time of sailing and board if there was space; but it was far better to reserve a place by BOOKING before-hand.

If you were part of our successful 'Rewards Based' CROWDFUNDING you would have received individual LOGIN details. These could be used to save time when booking and utilise credit, so crowdfunders don't have to pay onboard.

What’s on board?
For more information about the boat, see SAILING.

We still offer a special EVENING charter service, by arrangement. Please use our CONTACT page to find out more.

Our vessel the Mersey Rose is supplied and crewed by the experienced team at Needles Pleasure Cruises.  
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Call : 01983 760309 or Email us

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A new foot passenger Ferry Service between Yarmouth, Isle of Wight and Lymington. Offering Early and Late crossings (before and after the Wightlink service). Community based with rewards based crowdfunding we are helping to keep West Wight connected to the New Forest and linking to trains to and from London.

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